Chapter 4 Poem

Gideon The Green Wiz Warlock knew alas

That his journey was no simple a task

He packed his spells and grabbed his staff

Then set off on an arduous path

High on his majestic stag, he rode

Dodging trees he soared and glowed

Emerging triumphant in a magical bout

Through the dense forest, without a doubt

He rested on a patch of green grass

Gathered supplies for what's to come to pass

Summoned by the Grand Sorcerer's call

He embarked on a mission with courage and gall

With his magic, he fought the dark forces

Determined to save the Island’s resources

Destroyed the enemy's stronghold and their might

Ensured the kingdom was safe in sight

On his face he felt a breeze that did creep

As he woke from his deep, deep sleep

Was it all a dream, he thought in surprise?

Or was it his bravery that saved the skies?

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