Chapter 3 Poem

The Green Wiz Witch set out one day

Packed her essentials and went on her way

With Sparkling Green Smoke to guide her through

She was on a journey to find the crew

The scenery changed as she walked along

Trees grew tall and flowers sang a song

A spell she cast to make it all bright

And her excitement grew with each sight

In a clearing, she found a crystal tower

Guarded by a dragon, fierce and sour

A spell she cast to make it sleep tight

Snoring it would, all through the night

But werewolves camesnarling and fierce

She turned them into puppies, a heart to pierce

Her heart now full of magic and a wave of her wand

She found her way to the tower, so grand

Inside, she learned spells and magic so rare

And discovered secrets that were hidden with care

But still, she knew that her journey was not through

The Green Smoke was there, guiding her anew

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