Chapter 2 Poem

Chapter 2 - Poem

The Great Storm had passed

Peaceful dawn arrived at last

Wiz Wizards, Wiz Witches, and Wiz Warlocks came out to see

What the Great Sorcerer's words meant to be

The Green Wiz trio had a plan

To find each other, to create a clan

The Wizard used spells to shoot green smoke high

But the Witch was busy with her potions, no time to spy

The Warlock wondered about the green smoke's source

He found it was from his soon to be friends' magical force

He created a spell so strong, sparkling, and bright

Their smoke would blend, creating a magical sight

The three Wiz’s spells intertwined

The Green Sparkling Smoke rose and combined

Their magic bond was so strong and tight

Together they would produce an impressive sight

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